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What may Equine Guidance provide for you in 2022?

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Dear Clients and Potential Clients,

I hope you find this letter as you are looking for ways to navigate through life, work, relationships, and what feels like survival mode, in this unusual time of pandemic consequences. Please know that my team and I are here for you at Equine Guidance in Arizona’s beautiful Verde Valley!

These uncertain times ask us to recognize and develop what best-selling author Gregg Braden calls “radical resilience.”

As a trauma-specific equine therapist, I see people in my practice who are experiencing extreme uncertainty right now.

Some feel stuck, others feel high levels of anxiety. If you are feeling either of these extremes or are somewhere in between, there are no right or wrong emotions. The only judgment required is the choice you make in finding relief.

Pandemics and quarantines are crises that all of humanity has had to deal with for nearly two years now, and we are learning how to keep moving forward. Many of our workarounds can be traumatizing because it is so beyond our collective sense of “normalcy.” Whatever you’re feeling right now is OK. Feel it, own it, and permit yourself to go with it. Then, make a conscious decision to choose something good for you—from tiny moments of cup-of-tea self-care therapies to a three-hour session with the herd.

Beyond the cups of tea and the arena, one of the ways to move through this time is to engage in acts of service. Simple acts of kindness to a family member or a neighbor, to volunteering with an organization that inspires you, will give you a sense of purpose and take you away from recycling uncertainty. When you keep “circling the drain” in your own worry, it overrides the good that you can do!

Now is when radical acceptance of self and others, and taking positive actions, is key. That which you can’t control calls on you to be what you want to see! Step out of yourself and help find a way to contribute your energy; you deserve kindness and connection with yourself and others!

Here’s an exercise I recommend:

Take a few minutes to give yourself permission to notice and be present with what is going well. Birds continue to sing for you to listen to, the soothing sights of nature are out there for you to see, and a hearty meal soothes both body and soul. You always have the choice to see with eyes of compassion and create peace of mind. Breathe in the good, feel it, and bask in it!

Equine Guidance is Open!

I am holding Sessions at Equine Guidance® with our American Bashkir Curly horses, Salsa, Mimi, and Penny. If you seek healing of emotional wounds that may be holding you back or you’re focused on creating more resiliency, creativity, intuition, and connecting more deeply to high performance and success, we are here for you!

Please email me here: and we’ll set up a time that works for you. OR, you can set up a time to have a call with me, here – just click on the button that says: Request Appointment!

Social Media: We’re on social media! Please connect with me and the herd!

Thank you

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