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The Experience

One of a kind experience for your personal growth transformation

Beyond The Horse As A Metaphor: The Truth Is Reflected In The Relationship

The herd at equine guidance are sensitive conscious leaders who work collaboratively with one another to support your transformation. Horses attune to your nervous system, which naturally increases your awareness of emotional states and shifts within the felt sense. The guidance from the horse heightens our ways of knowing and increases curiosity and exploration into the subconscious. The Equine Guidance® herd supports your growth and healing with a knowing beyond words.

Healing happens in a relationship, and the horses meet you with empathy. Horses only participate by choice.

As a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner, I have combined this body-centered trauma-healing modality to the work of Equine Guidance®. Therefore this is the most respectful, congruent, and safe equine therapy experience available in the world.

Your development and personal growth are held in the highest regard. Your Equine Guidance® session is not about moving horses through tasks, games, horsemanship, or obstacle courses. At Equine Guidance®, the horse is not an object on which to project metaphor.

The horse is an empathic, sentient being who chooses to support your nervous system in healing from the challenges of life. Healing is not just about integrating trauma; it’s also about supporting your nervous system in allowing the pleasure of moving into the life of your dreams. So you do have the energy to build the life, relationships, and career you want with ease, grace, personal freedom, and confidence.

The herd at Equine Guidance® are intuitive thoughtful beings who compassionately and gently support your nervous system in digesting and integrating trauma and the unpleasant snags in life.

Combining the wisdom of the horse with intuitive knowing, supporting the positive momentum of your life.

The Experience Is A 3-Hour Session With The Horses And Includes A 1-Hour Telephone Follow-Up Conversation. 

Multi-Day, 3-Hour Sessions Are Available Upon Request.

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Your sessions of Equine Guidance® take place outdoors in the safe container of a barn and an arena at a ranch in Arizona’s Verde Valley Sedona. The Verde Valley is about 110 miles (a two-hour drive) from Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix. and we welcome clients from all over the world ready to grow and experience this transformational connection and equine-guided therapy.

During our time together you will…

Here’s what to expect in an Equine Guidance® Experience:

You’ll show up wearing pants, no matter the season, with sturdy, closed-toed shoes (athletic shoes or boots are recommended). Bring appropriate layers as daytime and nighttime temperatures vary. A secure hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and a non-glass water container are nice to have; bottled water is provided. Expect to walk on dusty natural high desert terrain that is mildly uneven.

After meeting Belle, you’ll be given a folder and a pen to take with you to the barn and arena. If you wish to have photos taken of the session, an appropriate arrangement will be made to serve your request.

The horses will greet you and Belle will guide their response to you, and your response to them. Be patient as you allow the horses to guide the session. The horses tune into your neurobiology—your heartbeat and breath cycles—and to your emotions and intentions.

Sessions are gentle and include breaks as needed. Equine Guidance® is an experience with horses that will take you on an adventure in self-discovery, healing, transformation, a quantum leap in insight, intuitive intelligence, creativity, resilience, and self-coherence.

Sessions of Equine Guidance® are not to be considered formal counseling or psychotherapy, and the session and 30-minute follow-up conversation do not constitute an ongoing therapeutic relationship.

Your next step is to set up a connection call with me here to see if Equine Guidance is for you! This call is free of charge for us to explore the possibilities. Then I’ll request more information from you which can be sent directly to me at this email address: 

I look forward to connecting with you! Please know that we don’t leave anything hanging in the air for next time and that you can expect to be moved to greatest version of you!

Download this PDF to learn six ways horses inspire and support personal growth and healing. 

Are you ready to be supported on your spiritual path? Do you want to obtain personal transformation? Equine Guidance® offers profound heart-mind guidance.

We welcome all travelers to come experience healing in the Sedona Verde Valley of Arizona.