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What is Equine Guidance…Really?

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At Equine Guidance®, we provide a unique journey that accelerates awareness, understanding and lasting change. Horses are powerful teachers who give humans gentle, accurate insights into life through their intentional interaction.

The horses give you an opportunity to listen to ‘a language older than words’ and allow you to uncover and balance the energies in your unconscious mind.

You’ll shift your old perceptions and gain some new insights after a session with me and the herd.

We’ve been doing equine-assisted therapy for 20 years—me and the herd, that is. The most important aspect of my work is that I have spent years studying and becoming certified in the most extraordinary modalities for healing trauma, expanding consciousness, and powerful ways to venture deeply into self-discovery in order to create the life you desire.

How did I get started in this work?

Years ago, when I was re-traumatized in an equine session due to the leader’s inability and inexperience to hold space and actually lead the session, I knew that I had to do things differently through education, experience, and a commitment to my clients to be the best I can be.

Horses sense vibrational information 500 times more than a human and 300 times more than a dog.

They have extraordinary skill in balancing core issues within the unconscious/emotional mind while creating positive, sustainable results for those who experience sessions with us. You can achieve more with horses than you can over hours and hours of talk therapy. Equine therapy engages all of your senses and allows your body to work with you in healing.

You’ll know when you’re ready to experience a new way of being. You’ll know when your desire to experience profound insights about your life in the company of three beautiful horses and a therapist with extensive training. And, when you’re ready, we are here for you.

We believe in equine therapy. We believe in you.

Please call us: 928-301-7688.

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