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My Visit with Linda Kohanov, Eponaquest Worldwide!

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Linda Kohanov & Belle
Eponaquest Worldwide

I’m so happy to share my time with my friend Linda Kohanov, Eponaquest Worldwide, in Amado, Arizona!

Linda & her husband Steve Roach, who is a gifted Grammy-nominated musician, are lovely hosts!

We reminisced about the early days of Epona and how far the work has come since then. I had the opportunity to learn from and work alongside Linda from 2001- to 2005. Linda cites me in her book, Riding Between The Worlds.

Linda is also the bestselling author of The Tao of Equus, Way of the Horse, The Power of the Herd, and The Five Roles of a Master Herd.

At first, it was a bitter-sweet reunion to see more unfamiliar horse faces than familiar ones. It was so great to work with Orion and Indigo! Doing the work again as a participant was enlightening, deep, and provided another awakening!

Linda and I had fun connecting as I moved in & out of the parasympathetic and sympathetic channels setting boundaries that created safety for connection to happen.

Linda Kohanov & Rebecca Bailey, Ph.D. Founded Connection Focused Therapy®. They have combined the work of Stephen Porges and his Poly Vagal Theory with equine facilitated learning and therapy.

I’m thrilled that Linda and I share similar insights and understanding about the Poly Vagal Theory and the numerous benefits of healing trauma and our relationship to self and others.

Linda shared the specific activities she had expanded upon in the Eponaquest World Wide approach, finetuning clients’ outcomes to experience greater connection, safety, and acceptance within their nervous systems and the horses.

I always sensed there was more going on than horses mirroring emotional affect, and it was not until I was introduced to the Poly Vagal Theory through my Somatic Experiencing® training years ago that I connected that horses communicate through our nervous systems. Time and again, it’s interesting how my horses help my clients resolve trauma, anxiety, & stress from their nervous system, supporting everyone to function more cohesively.

As a Somatic Experiencing® practitioner and an Epona Approved Advanced Instructor, it was thrilling to reconnect with my old friend and discover we had the same understanding of the polyvagal theory & equine facilitated learning and therapy!

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