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Dear Reader,

Thank you for being curious about the twin stories of Equine Guidance® and my life. The power of a horse to inspire healing in humans is the truth I live every day. It is an honor to share this mission with you.

The National Association of Mental Illness estimates that 80 percent of Americans have experienced a traumatic event. Most of these experiences arise out of a person’s relationship to themselves and others. How you handle these challenges influence your quality of life at all levels: in the home, at the workplace, and even during leisure time. Difficulties in communications, perceptions, attitudes, and emotional imbalances such as depression, substance abuse, attachment, and anxiety disorders inhibit you from excelling at self-expression, creativity, intuitive intelligence, self-coherence, managing all your relationships, success in business, and self-actualization.

Horses are brilliant at opening, exposing, and resolving the heartaches that derail a person’s potential to achieve dreams. Personal growth experiences are best when witnessed and assisted by a facilitator who has the appropriate professional training. I have discovered that Equine Guidance® exceeds and accelerates the learning and the innate knowing that takes place in traditional therapeutic settings.

Over my life, I’ve lived, studied, observed, worked, and manifested the ability to be a compassionate witness for the interaction of humans and horses to deliver a powerful, memorable, and unique healing experience for others.

My journey as a pioneer in the Equine Facilitated Learning and Therapy field started in 1998 when I was an undergraduate studying Experiential Learning. I was working at a “horse camp” program for adolescents and facilitating equine experiential learning. Raised with constant access to horses, at that time I never imagined what the horses would reveal about my own life.

Horses illuminate issues, fears, strengths, and weaknesses. They also give humans a direction towards expanding compassion, finding innate potential, highlighting emotional intelligence, and they instill humility on both conscious and unconscious levels.

My equine experience that summer at horse camp changed my life forever!

After my experience, I sought to study in an equine experiential learning program with a well-respected professional therapist who understood the depth of and potential for healing with horses. As I went through the year-long apprentice training, I was guided to explore and bring my life into balance and flow. This experience was the catalyst for me to pursue a master’s degree in counseling. I discovered through my experience and knowing that training, education, and experience are required to be respectful while facilitating personal growth work in a safe environment.

I experienced profound inspiration and meaning as I asked myself the question, “How can I be of service to others through the guidance of the horse?” After well over two decades of experience, I continue to be amazed at the power of what I’m able to offer through Equine Guidance®.

Since 1998, I’ve focused on trauma-informed care because of my understanding that trauma is the root of inharmonious systems, relationship issues, physical imbalances, lack of creativity, and shadows lodged in a person’s neurobiology. Trauma is a part of life, but so is integrating the emotional charge of it through Equine Guidance®.

I’m so appreciative of Mimi, Penny, and Salsa. Their willingness to assist clients as they shift from the inside out is done with resonance built on quiet compassion. When your central nervous system experiences an internal shift in conjunction with the horse’s awareness of you, cognitive and behavioral restructuring sustains the positive change you seek.

With gratitude and honor I guide people through the intriguing depths of their unique personas to move into healing past traumas, develop leadership skills, and find the layers of serenity in their spirits. The miracles and mysteries of life become even more profound after a session of Equine Guidance®.

I welcome you to start a new adventure in healing with me and the herd.


Belle Shook

Are you ready to be supported on your spiritual path? Do you want to obtain personal transformation? Equine Guidance® offers profound heart-mind guidance.

We welcome all travelers to come experience healing in the Sedona Verde Valley of Arizona.