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How Horses Teach Us to Face and Heal Our Trauma

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Trauma can leave deep emotional scars that have a tremendous impact on our lives. But don’t worry! Equine therapy has been on the rise and is becoming more popular throughout society. This is because equine therapy is a unique way for individuals seeking holistic and extensive therapeutic treatments. So today, we’ll look at five solid ways horses may help us address and heal our trauma, giving us important and newer perspectives on our emotional well-being to allow us to become a better version of ourselves.

Creating Safe Spaces

Horses have a natural knack for establishing safe, nonjudgmental settings. When you are with horses you are urged to let down your guard and be vulnerable when interacting with them. This will allow the horses to connect with you, as you connect with them. This secure environment serves as an essential aspect of opening up and facing our past experiences.

Non-Verbal Communication

Horses primarily communicate through the use of their body language and energy. With this, we begin to learn the significance of nonverbal signals and how our emotions appear physically in equine therapy because these horses feel what we feel; they reflect our emotions. So, if you want to connect better with these horses, you must learn how to tackle your emotions. This awareness gives us the ability to understand our own emotions and how they affect others.

Trust and Boundaries

Establishing a connection with a horse takes time and effort. Equine therapy teaches us the importance of creating and respecting healthy boundaries. Trusting the horse and being trusted in return can be an incredible healing experience, particularly for individuals who have gone through trust trauma.

Mirror of Emotions

Horses can sense our emotional conditions and the shifts that occur. As mentioned, they also reflect back our emotions, mirroring what we project. This mirroring allows us to more clearly recognize our emotions and comprehend how they affect our interactions with others. We become more aware of our emotions due to this, thus, we are able to see the different effects our emotions can have, not only within ourselves but also on others.

Patience and Presence

Interacting with horses teaches us the value of patience and being in the present moment. Trauma frequently drives us to focus on the past or to be nervous about the future. However, horses teach us to be mindful and to appreciate the present moment. By appreciating what is currently the present, we become more mindful of what is happening in front of us, seeing our current progress and whatnot, and not what is yet to happen, which can cause more anxiety.

Wrap Up

Equine therapy takes an in-depth approach to recovery, addressing not only the emotional but also the physical and spiritual aspects that make up human wellness. We go on a journey of self-discovery and emotional healing by learning from these amazing creatures, which can lead to a more fulfilling and empowered existence.

Equine Guidance is a light of hope for anyone wishing to overcome trauma. Our equine therapy programs, led by these amazing animals, provide an innovative road to healing.  Equine Guidance offers the healing integration of equine therapy, where horses are more than just companions, but guides on your path to recovery.

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