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Grief and Your Journey

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Are you ready to transcend your grief?

Grief comes in all shapes and sizes – from traumatic losses to a feeling of loss due to changes that we have no control over. Grief and loss should never be minimized or discounted. And bear in mind that grief can be transformed and transcended, but the “work” to heal and move through it must be gentle, intentional, and honoring of your heart and the feelings that come with this journey.

In today’s radical changes and uncertainties, a great majority of peple share a similar theme of feeling disconnection. So many of us long for the “old days,” or “normalcy,” and we’re even traumatized by this big human experiment that we find ourselves in these last couple of years.

Whatever you’re experiencing, we ask that you stop and allow it. Suppressing these feelings only pushes them down and buries them until they are triggered to rear up when we least expect them to and in ways that are dishonoring to you and others.

Also, it is now scientifically proven that suppressed emotions often present as physical issues, as in our body always speaks our mind, like inflammation, heart disease, addiction, obesity, and other physical imbalances and chronic illness.

Take the time it takes to feel fully so that it takes less time. Be very gentle with yourself.

What follows are suggestions for your grief journey. If these suggestions aren’t helpful, know that we are here to compliment your journey through a gentle blend of Equine Guidance®, Somatic Experiencing®, Polyvagal Theory Exercises, and Eponaquest® worldwide so that you can exhale, decompress, reset and create greater coherence between body, mind, and heart.

Suggestion: Reach out!

I recommend looking for what you can do to reconnect with your heart. Notice if anything sparks the slightest curiosity or interest within your body or mind. Begin by doing something small. Scroll through your phone and send a message to one of your friends or family members that you’ve not communicated with in a long time. Surprise them with a “Thinking of You” text or recorded message with a fun .gif for added depth!

When you make the choice to reach out to others, you feel better because we are all designed for connection. If your human relationships are complicated for you now, the Humane Society could provide a pet. There are plenty of adoptable kittens waiting for their ears to be scratched and pups offering unconditional love in exchange for some fresh air and a walk.

Suggestion: News Cleanse

Try a News cleanse for 3 – 5 days or longer. If someone wants to discuss the news, tell them you’re on a cleanse, then breathe, then feel into what you notice deep within you when you turn off the conversation. Once you’ve been news-free for five days, you can tell this person that you may or may not be open to revisiting conversation. Nothing will happen that requires your immediate attention ~ we promise that you’ll know what you need to know when you need to know it!

Suggestion: Music & Journaling

Find some beautiful music to stream from YouTube and rest while listening. You can search for your favorite genre on YouTube or search for music specifically created for healing from grief and sadness. You’ll find your groove! While listening:

  1. Place your hands over your heart, and breathe deep:
  2. Breathe in to the count of 5
  3. Hold it to the count of 3
  4. Exhale to the count of 5
  5. Repeat this sequence three times
  6. Then slowly count to 10 either out loud or in your mind
  7. Exhale completely

Grab your journal and jot down how you feel in your body. For example, how do you feel in your heart area? What about your gut? How do you feel there?

Suggestion: Take a walk and breathe

Take a walk. Breathe in deeply. Exhale completely. Take a moment to stop, and like you see in the movies, toss your head back and smile at the sun or sky! Did you know that when you toss your head back and look up, it shifts the biochemical composition of your nervous system to feeling good and relieving sadness and anxiety?

Please try it and let me know how that feels! Even if you can’t eek out a smile yet, try it out!

Above All Else

The bottom line is to take it slow and give yourself more credit for what you’re able to do and be during this grief journey. Hug yourself because I’m sure you’re moving along just as you should and as you are able. Your self-care and self-love are vital right now. It’s time to choose you.

Finally, we are here for you!

If you cannot break the hold that grief has on you, please seek assistance. We are here for you should you desire a reset and to spend some time recalibrating your nervous system for greater ease, peace, and freedom. You’ll be amazed at what an Equine Guidance® experience blended with the intuitive wisdom of horses and humans through Somatic Experiencing®, the Polyvagal Theory practices, Eponaquest® Worldwide, can do for you – it is truly cutting edge and transformative. Is time for you to transcend your grief?

Is Equine Guidance® for you? Let’s have a discovery call to see! You can schedule our call at your convenience by clicking here and then click Request Appointment for the date and time that best fits your schedule. 

We’re here for you. No words are necessary at Equine Guidance®

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