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Gratitude lifts the heart and calms the mind. So does being in the presence of the horses in Equine Guidance’s herd.

I am so grateful for these four-legged healers. They are like shamans in their ability to shed light and shape-shift your life towards your most significant potentials.

Yes, I am also thankful to be part of the horse’s contribution to humanity.

A sense of gratitude comes over me when I am seeing the gifts contained in all experiences—the positives and the negatives. Manure piles are stinky—yet they provide fertilizer to grow flowers! I am so grateful for the horses in my herd: Mimi, Penny, and Salsa. I’m aware of their desire to help people achieve more significant levels of personal greatness. Your ability to step into personal excellence is a learning curve; it takes practice like anything else—but the horses will open your spirit and enable you to move forward into new, better ways of living.

The documentary film, “Happy,” contains 25 years of research on cultures worldwide that proves that happiness is created from relationships with friends and family, helping others, and attaining goals.

No wonder my herd is so happy! Their goal is to help others have harmony within their relationships with themselves and the world. I am always amazed at the herd’s uncanny ability to provide the right and perfect guidance for each person who comes here. Knowing compassion, enjoying the outdoors, and being in a coherent flow is a horse’s inherent nature. You will learn about personal freedom from this herd—and we will all be grateful for your experience.

I have seen horses heal the next layer of unpleasant experiences of life within one session, time and again. Sometimes, what can take a year in talk therapy gets shifted in moments at Equine Guidance®.

Being grateful for these powerful, beautiful, sentient beings and their role in helping people heal and grow into their greatness is something I experience every single day. The benefits are extraordinary for humans when a horse’s gift or message is experienced to its fullest.

We—the horses and I—are grateful to you! Thank you for reading and being a part of our world here in our magical Verde Valley near Sedona!

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