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Dr. Peter Levine & His Workshop Participants Visit Equine Guidance®

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We had an unforgettable day with our Somatic Experiencing® International and Ergos Institute of Somatic Education group!⁠

We embraced each other, the work, and of course, the horses were their usual warm, welcoming 1200 lbs. of awareness, coherence, and healing too!⁠

We’re honored several participants extended their trips and scheduled time to come back for a more intimate session over the weekend too!⁠

Equine Guidance® experiences are usually held in one-on-one sessions. Yet, we couldn’t resist hosting Peter and his group of attendees from his week-long workshop in Sedona (“Returning to Wholeness: From Fixity to Flow”) that dealt with the question: “How do we help ourselves and also help others in these trying times?” It’s a good question for all of us! One of the answers involves Somatic Experiencing® and the other answers is in the capacity of horses to enable emotional healing in humans!

The group of approximately 50 attendees including the Somatic Experiencing® Assistants were able to spend ample time in the arena with the herd. Several people were moved to (good) tears and some didn’t want to leave!

Thank you all for deeply honoring and embracing the Somatic Experiencing® + Equine Guidance® work and for embodying the work you did in Dr. Peter Levine’s Sold Out Retreat: Embracing Courage, Overcoming Obstacles, and Returning to Wholeness.

Please take note of this photo of Salsa actually laying down in a highly coherent group of people. A prey animal does not do this, particularly with strangers, unless the electromagnetic field surrounding them all is clean, clear, and abundantly safe!

We are grateful for this day and for Peter’s trust in me to conduct these sessions for his group!

The group created deep connections and experienced the quiet coherence offered by these 1200 lb animals. In addition, attendees gained a deeper understanding of their bodies, the highly refined process of reactivating flow, life resiliency, creativity, focus, intuition, and their innate healing intelligence, through co-regulation, harmony, synchronization, and the interplay of Psycho-neurobiology.

Special thanks to two members of my Advisory Board, Publicist Kathleen Malone, Sundance On Success, and my book editor, Mary Holden, for your support and being here with me!⁠

Enjoy this gallery of photos from our day! In the end, we all fed the horses carrots for a day well done!

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