How do they blend together for the perfect outcome? This is my commitment to you! To set the stage for this conversation, I have studied trauma-informed care for over a decade. In addition to my master’s degree, I have over 5800 hours of additional training, supervision, and certifications, including Somatic Experiencing®, Advanced NARM: Developmental Trauma, […]

Somatic Experiencing®, NARM, and Equine Guidance® = Personal Mastery

We had an unforgettable day with our Somatic Experiencing® International and Ergos Institute of Somatic Education group!⁠ We embraced each other, the work, and of course, the horses were their usual warm, welcoming 1200 lbs. of awareness, coherence, and healing too!⁠ We’re honored several participants extended their trips and scheduled time to come back for […]

Dr. Peter Levine & His Workshop Participants Visit Equine Guidance®

I’m so happy to share my time with my friend Linda Kohanov, Eponaquest Worldwide, in Amado, Arizona! Linda & her husband Steve Roach, who is a gifted Grammy-nominated musician, are lovely hosts! We reminisced about the early days of Epona and how far the work has come since then. I had the opportunity to learn […]

My Visit with Linda Kohanov, Eponaquest Worldwide!

Grief comes in all shapes and sizes – from traumatic losses to a feeling of loss due to changes that we have no control over. Grief and loss should never be minimized or discounted. And bear in mind that grief can be transformed and transcended, but the “work” to heal and move through it must be gentle, intentional, and honoring your heart and the feelings that come with this journey.

Grief and Your Journey

Through their millions of mirror neurons, the horses reflect what sits in your neurobiology, thoughts, intentions, anxiety, joy, and fears too. You often don’t know what you don’t know, no matter how old, experienced, or successful you are or have been. Titration allows you to move through this journey thoroughly and thoughtfully. If you hurry, you leave behind debris that you have to go back to clean and discharge.

Somatic Experiencing® and the Magic of Titration

Gratitude lifts the heart and calms the mind. So does being in the presence of the horses in Equine Guidance’s herd. I am so grateful for these four-legged healers. They are like shamans in their ability to shed light and shape-shift your life towards your most significant potentials. Yes, I am also thankful to be […]


At Equine Guidance®, we provide a unique journey that accelerates awareness, understanding and lasting change. Horses are powerful teachers who give humans gentle, accurate insights into life through their intentional interaction. The horses give you an opportunity to listen to ‘a language older than words’ and allow you to uncover and balance the energies in […]

What is Equine Guidance…Really?

brown horse with a sunset behidn them

Dear Clients and Potential Clients, I hope you find this letter as you are looking for ways to navigate through life, work, relationships, and what feels like survival mode, in this unusual time of pandemic consequences. Please know that my team and I are here for you at Equine Guidance in Arizona’s beautiful Verde Valley! […]

What may Equine Guidance provide for you in 2022?