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Somatic Equine Therapy & Coaching

A Unique And Powerful Healing Experience In
Arizona’s Sedona Verde Valley


In this trauma-informed approach, the horses at Equine Guidance® are compassionate witnesses who choose to support your nervous system in healing from life’s challenges. Through this mystical experience, you will move out of time and into the depths of your pure potential and self-awareness, and set your self free.

Download this PDF to learn six ways horses inspire and support personal growth and healing. 

Meet Belle Shook

Founder of Equine Guidance®, established 2004

Belle Shook has trained in the science of healing, and is also an intuitive therapist and coach who focuses on personal development, clarity after trauma, and spiritual interconnectedness. Pioneers in the field of equine therapy, Belle and the herd of Bashkir Curly horses, Salsa, Penny, and Mimi, assist people in accessing and developing their potential for living lives of greater health and happiness.

Sampling of Belle’s credentialing:
⋆  Bachelor of Arts (BA): Outdoor Experiential Learning
    ⁎ Emphasis Equine assisted learning, Prescott College
⋆  Master of Counseling (MC) from the University of Phoenix
⋆  Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner (SEP) & Training Assistant
    ⁎ Master Classes with SE™ Peter Levine, PhD:
          ⋆  Developmental Trauma
          ⋆  Eye of the Needle Near Death Experiences
          ⋆  Chronic Pain, Syndromes, and Long COVID-19
⋆  NARM™ Therapist (NeuroAffective Relational Model)
⋆  Board Certified Coach, (BCC)
⋆  EponaQuest Worldwide Advanced Instructor & EAGALA Certified
⋆  Brene Brown: Daring Way Facilitator

Equine Guidance® is a unique journey that accelerates personal mastery, spiritual attunement, and emotional balance. 

Horses are powerful teachers that give gentle and accurate guidance into your life through intentional interaction. This is an opportunity to listen to a language older than words where you’ll uncover and balance the energy in your nervous system. By shifting worn out emotional states, you will gain new insights to carry beyond the barn, arena, and Sedona.  

Humans experience trauma through relationships.
Healing trauma is an ongoing process.
Horses allow healing through human connection.
Hearts, bodies, minds, and spirits: Experience horse—human harmony.

Equine Guidance® offers a herd of hypoallergenic horses so that all people have the opportunity to experience three hours of sensory, psychological, and spiritual attunement in a safe, outdoor environment.

See behind the scenes of Equine Guidance®

Are you ready for positive change and to discover your answers from deep within? Then, create a connection with Equine Guidance® for self-mastery, life resilience, and self-empowered wisdom.

We welcome all travelers to come experience healing in the Sedona Verde Valley of Arizona.